Columbianite - Grade A

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Colombianite is a sacred stone for humanity and is responsible for reigniting the spiritual fire within us. These ancient Obsidian pieces help unlock our hidden energies to form new transformative capabilities. The change will be induced when meditating with this stone, especially inward when looking towards your auric field. The self-reflective power of this stone is enhanced by its ancient energies which can rarely be found in an earthen stone that is nearly 30 million years old. The polar opposite chakra activation of your crown, third eye, and root chakra will yield intense vibrations and messages from the divinity above. As Colombianite helps us channel and ground these higher energies, you’ll notice a connection with the deities that assist and lead us on our life path. As we begin to grow and change within the spirit realm, so too does our physical body. The angels above, assist with the serene guidance we feel during these times, while also helping nurture the spiritual awakening that we are experiencing. We recommend connecting with this stone during times of dissatisfaction as well as periods of instability. When seeking answers, place this stone directly on your third eye and become encapsulated in the new world your spirit may travel to. Trust yourself, your intuition, and the beings that lead you across this vast earthen terrain we call life!

NOTE - These are STOCK PHOTOS and there will be slight variation in terms of color, texture size etc... Crystals have some wonderful variations unique to each stone.

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