Aura Selenite Female Body

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This body is carved from Aura Selenite.

Selenite is used in spiritual healing to help cleanse, restore peace, harmony, and purify our minds. Its translucent white color makes selenite a stone of light and spiritual purity. Selenite can help quiet the mind, protect against negative thoughts, negative memories, mental blockages, receive mental clarity and protect against psychic attacks. Selenite can also help us bring clarity, purity and honesty into our lives. It helps bring us compassionate vibrations to encourage healing and reconciliation.

The aura coating is made by misting the crystals with powder-fine natural metal material (then heated) to give them an iridescent metallic sheen. Crystals treated this way are used for higher vibrational energy work and for other decorative purposes. Possible coatings include gold, indium, titanium, niobium and copper. Other names for crystals treated this way include aqua aura, rainbow aura, angel aura, flame aura, opal aura or rainbow quartz.

Each piece is unique, select random. The size may little error.

NOTE - These are STOCK PHOTOS and there will be slight variation in terms of color, texture size etc... Crystals have some wonderful variations unique to each stone.

Includes one female body.

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