Dendritic Opal Hearts

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Generally, the most commonly accepted Dendritic Opal meaning is that it provides balance and clarity. This is a stone that’s said to have a noticeable impact on your auric field, balancing the energy flow throughout your body to create harmony. Some say that the stone’s physical appearance symbolizes life itself. The milky white coloration represents the purity and innocence of life. Meanwhile, the mossy inclusions embody organic growth. According to many crystal practitioners, it’s a powerful stone that centers your mind and provides more self-awareness than ever. The meaning of Dendritic Opal is all about looking inward and ruminating on life’s experiences. Instead of wandering aimlessly through life, it grants clarity to help you understand your life experiences’ real purpose.


NOTE - These are STOCK PHOTOS and there will be slight variation in terms of color, texture size etc... Crystals have some wonderful variations unique to each stone.

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