Sodalite Crescent Moon Necklace

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Sodalite Crescent Moon Necklace with silver chain.

Some call Sodalite the “Poet’s Stone” or the “Thinker’s Stone.” That’s become this newfound sense of clarity that tends to benefit those with creative tendencies the most. Artists are notorious for hitting roadblocks in their creative endeavors. They lose their instincts and start to work based on others’ expectations or trends. This crystal for creativity keeps you in touch with your intuition, ensuring that you create without outside influences. Ultimately, that’s Sodalite’s primary meaning! It centers on the concepts of emotional clarity, calming energy, and wisdom. However, those benefits extend to many other aspects of your life and create profound changes that make you a well-rounded person. 

Includes 1 sodalite crescent moon (~1”) with silver chain, 

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