Star Wars Figurines

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Let the force be with you...and your crystals with our Star Wars crystals! 

Black Obsidian Darth Vader (Lg) 

Black Obsidian Darth Vader (Sm) 

Black Obsidian Storm Trooper 

Green Jade Yoda

Black Obsidian Yoda 

Black Obsidian Yoda w/base 


Black obsidian is said to draw you inward to the center of yourself and to the place of truth. It is a crystal of integrity and suitable for deep soul cleansing. It helps in anchoring the spirit to your body and stimulating growth in all aspects. Furthermore, this stone can block out the harmful intentions by creating a shield for your aura. It is also a great shamanic tool for removing debris and blockages from the past. This stone is said to bring clarity to your mind. It relieves constricting beliefs and confusion while encouraging the exploration of the unknown. Not only that, but this stone is highly effective for expanding your consciousness in the meditative state and for activating your untapped abilities.

The Benefits of Jade

The Jade stone helps in instilling peace of mind and alleviating anxieties. The balancing properties of Jade help it to harmonize all aspects of life.

Those who wear the Jade stone or use it for meditation would be able to experience a distinct soothing calmness wash over them, which makes them feel more positive, happy, energetic, and healthy.

The Jade is also known as the ‘Stone from Heaven’. The calming shade of jadeite green is said to calm and cleanse the system of impure thoughts, anger, trauma, grief, and negativity.

The Jade stone also boosts the confidence of the wearer and encourages him to be more self-sufficient and independent.This stone helps in removing toxins from the body and is believed to provide relief from urinary tract infections and cystitis.The Jade is a healing gemstone that soothes the bones and reduces pain in joints and muscles, through its ability to make the body heal without inducing pain to itself. It also protects its wearer from infections and diseases.The Green Jade stone is associated with the heart chakra. The cleansing benefit is focused on the heart and aims to introduce emotional, physical, and spiritual interconnectedness and harmony.The energy blocked in the heart chakra is cleansed and removed from the system, which cleanses the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and insights of the wearer.


NOTE - These are STOCK PHOTOS and there will be slight variation in terms of color, texture size etc... Crystals have some wonderful variations unique to each stone.

Includes one figurine

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